Firebase problem pls help

I had successfully paste link and token in firebase DB in all places.
But then also a firebase error is showing but login function is working as email id of user catch up.
Is there any issue with the different emails of kudular and firebase signup as i use different email id for kodular and firebase.

You should show some blocks.
Else its hard to understand what you tried

I just copy a aia file of mine and change url and token to new. Then error is showing.
In previous apk there is no error.
I m asking that i have different email id for firebase and kodular… Is this can be problem?

Problem is that firebase dont accept some symbols thats the problem to add email use some blocks to automatically change symbols to other symbols while saving data in firebase

Aree nii… Mene ye bola ki mera kodular jisse mene signup kia h wo email alag hai… Or firebase login jisse kia wo email id alag h. To kai ye problem to ni create krta

No this do t create any problem
My firebase account is also seperate
Can you send error screenshot

It says firebase error permission denied

Then Also send screenshot the. I will give solution by reading that

Because Only A (.) Can Also Be Reason

Hey!Did you used that firebase authentication component?

I used that

yea that is problem when you add that to project it says that you have to add a json file from firebase to kodular assets

I add json file also

ok do you added it correctly
please show screenshot of error in app

See this

i think json not added correctly
can you send photo where you have added

I think that error is in database storage… As when user signin… the details are added in firebase

no permission denied,or you dont have enter correct token value

Token is entered correct… I have checked twice

then only problem is json file send photo where you have added