Firebase authentication in sign in ith google . error show "firebase aunt dose not wor in compainain

firebase authentication in sign in with google . error show "firebase aunt dose not work in the compainainUploading: IMG_20190408_151148.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190408_151159.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190408_152512.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190408_152527.jpg…

Then read the message…
It works just as real apk. Means export your apk and try again.

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after apk export . open app and error “Run time error-given string is empty or null-end application” thanks for replay sir

Show your blocks error screenshots and components setup for proper solution

plese check my post

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You have not followed the instructions of ensuring

The JSON is uploaded to assets
The SHA1 is imported to FirebaseAuth (You can find that in your keystore)

It works, I did it yesterday for another app. You need to follow all instructions. There are great videos out there, and even if they are in Hindi, you can watch the blocks.

BTW . Word of warning. Firebase Authentication for Kodular, does NOT relate to authentication for FirebaseDB. So if you are trying to use Authentication to create a secure access to DB, it wont work. You will login, however you do not have a TOKEN passed back to allow you yo authenticate your DB.

There is a great extension

I use it now after 3 days of pulling my limited hair out.

There are a number of components I have had to use other extensions with and that is fine, it is part of the journey.