Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID policy

Please Tell about this issue

I am using the following components

Push notification
Facebook ads

Nothing else

Above link is privacy policy

Did i have to mention about screenshot

Urgent ??? :joy::joy::joy:

what kind of app is it ?

It is application for like an counter means how many times we touch the button it will count and when we save the that data it will take screen shot

did you really create this app using :kodular: ? Your profile says you joined just 7 hours ago :roll_eyes:

I am using different id becoz i can’t access thst id always its an urgent topic thsts y i am joining kodular

Did you put that privacy policy url within your app ?

Making separate screen for that

Are you sure to you added every policy of services you used to in your privacy policy?

I am using notifier, one signal, facebook ads, share, screenshots rest all are button and arrangements

You app violates app advert policy according to which you should provide a valid privacy policy both on play store and within app to the users if you are collecting any sensitive info and alternatively you can remove components which collects sensitive/personal info to solve this

I am only uses notifier, sound, facebook ads, one signal and some arrangements i will attach my apk with it when i user want ti save his data he clciks button and the screenshot taken automatically
There is no firebase nothings else

Please tell me i want to adding privacy policy of screenshot or not which is taken automatically