Visual Studio Emulator connect to Kodular

Hello there,
I installed the Visual Studio Emulator, how can I connect it with Kodular?
I couldn’t install Companion because it is not a play store.

I am using it for the first time, please be explanatory.


i prefer you use bluestacks

I have been using Bluestacks for a very long time. And now it started to fail. I switched to this emulator I used before. This is lighter.

(Although it was 100% full, bluestacks was doing nothing)

I think you can’t connect to this emulator.
From where are you downloading the companion app? Are you on an apple phone?

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it seems like you in android if you are in android directly use companion app



I wonder if I can use Companion apk?

I’m asking this anyway, how can I download it?

You can install companion from the play store by search Kodular Companion.

Aa, really?!

Tell me how to install google play now!

Don’t you have google play pre-installed on you phone?!

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@Pythony he has already answered that play store is not installed on it :point_down:

Instead of play store , Download from uptodown website or something else in emulator

@MeNaCa has written that it is not a play store.
So I thought he had some confusion.

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BTW I think he/she can download companion from web too