Voice/Sound Detection?

You know how Alexa is always waiting and listing for the keyword ‘Alexa’?
Can that be accomplished by using Sound Sensor?
I need the app to always be listening for a keyword - Unless the phone is off or there is an active call, I need the phone to wake up when a specific word is said.

Will Sound Sensor do that?

You cant use a Kodular app in background mode, so the app always has to be active.

Is that an issue for you?

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Darn. That’s not going to work.

Unless … can I make the app so it can’t be disabled, but is invisible?
So if a person presses the square, it doesn’t come up in the list of running apps?

This isn’t a devious app. It’s literally so I can find my child’s phone by yelling a keyword.
Nothing on Play will do what I need it to do. She’ll unwittingly turn it off, she won’t understand that she needs to leave it on.

Not in Kodular sorry. :frowning:

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Back to the drawing board.
Thanks for the help.