VOTE - What Language Should I use for making tutorials for kodular components

i am planning to make small tutorials for most of the components but the problem is language, i think most of the viewers are wants in hindi language, maybe or maybe not, i dont know that properly, so kindly vote.

What Language Should I use for making tutorials

  • Hindi
  • English

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English would be best because you’ll then be able to reach a wider audience. You can always have captions in different languages.


Language of the forum is English. So your tutorials should also be English if you want to use them on the forum.


world 2nd maximum using language is hindi. so try hindi and english combination. fully hindi not comfortable so try little bit english. thanks you

Actually with a quick Google search you’ll find that the most spoken languages in the world are:

  1. Chinese
  2. Spanish
  3. English
  4. Hindi

So yeah, I think English will be a better option.


@Nikthegreek and @jaatdj_tk you both are right.But it does not matters which is the most spoken language the matter is which language can be understood by maximum number of users.
And of course that is English which is also Community language.

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Looking at the votes i guess the answer is clear :sunglasses:


yes… its clear now… after reading all the comments i have decided to make tutorials in English also in a very simple way so Non-English users will understand too.


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