Wait x ms block


For the demonstration application of my LAC project, I will need a “wait” block !
I think it was already there before, but it’s been deleted.
If anyone knows of an equivalent method to add a delay of one or two seconds, let me know!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Use a clock. And please don’t vote for this, it was removed because it wasn’t allowing extensions to work right on the Companion.

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As Nathan said, use a Clock. However, I hope the block will return, because bugs in the Companion don’t affect production APKs in any way.

I made an extension for you com.robertcrum.wait.aix (5.0 KB) .


This extension also offer that!

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Yeah, and it has way more features. But yours only work with procedures (what is not a problem).


I don’t think the wait block is healthy. Because you will fill the stack and hang the CPU.

Why is a wait procedure generally a bad idea?

(found on Taifun’s website; Pura Vida Apps)

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I made an asynchronous time pause that does not execute on the UI thread. The explanation makes sense if there is everything is running from the same thread pool like using a sleep command.

However asynchronous activities are possible and that includes a pause.

You can also use event schedulers, that will not run synchronously.

It’s true. Waiting, even timers will cause a little lag.

Try this. it is an asynch pause.

While there might be a tiny bit of lag, this will not prevent other actions from occuring, while the pause is happening.

AsynchPauseMagic.aix (8.2 KB)


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