Wallpaper App, Airtable Image Not Showing In App

Airtable Image Not Showing In App but Still Showing in Test Kodular Companion

My Block Image Given below

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no one help you. because i have ask already. :pensive: :pensive:

Did you buy that extension that you are using, if not then it won’t work as apk

Not buy but its free extention. i see many youtubers make this app. when i edit app icon, package name then did not show in app of airtable data.

That extension is not free

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i did not use this

Are you sure about that

Extension block from developer


Your block


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yes. i use GridCardView Extension.
my block not show" set global lstpic to make a…"

Do you even understand what I’m trying to say to you

You have to BUY that extension to make it work

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can you tell me that which extension is free for grid card view for same work

Unfortunately, I don’t keep track of every extension what they do, but you can have a look here if you find something that suit you