Want a live Chat system for project

Hello Koders,

I want to integrate LiveChat system in my application. Want Others help who can do it for me. I’m little busy with others works but need application prepared in time.

Willing pay 10$ for helping.
Please contact me for this.

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You can easily implement this using jitsi.meet There are tutorials available on kodular community and youtube. Just use a webview and join text block.

@AJOY_DAS He is not asking for video call , a live system can be made easily why should anyone wanna use webviewer yet ?

You can improve this one ui and make it look good :-

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you can try it


I’m on improving it. but there is a block which I can’t understand.

could you help…

one part is missing in this block

Ask from @vknow360 , because its his aia

I’ll check.

If you need Chat System for ‘Customer Support’ then you can use tawk.to website and also you can add it in your app via ‘web Viewer’

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thanks @rehan_ansari1 but i want to make personalised chat service admin to user for my project.


Have a look…

Use js script to hide tawk.to so that is may look good

Nice Idea! can you show me blocks?

Check my extension and set up a proper live chatting system for your app.


Any idea to create admin panel for tawk.to

Go to tawk.to website and create and account then add an app and get a link of your ‘Customer support page’ then implement it in Your App and Blocks are so simple you can see below…

blocks (1)


blocks (2)

see This Guide…

man i know the customer panel. i was talking about admin panel. admin side chat from app

Download tawk.to App from playstore…

i want to implent in my app

I think that’s not posssible to add in Admin App

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