We found ad SDKs in your application

Hi Friends,

Today’s i see one thing on my paid apps which are now live on google. Basically i sellect (no, it has no ads) option in play console or I’m not use admob or Facebook ads components in my app but play console show me that issue. Why they show that?

you can select no an continue, it maybe happens because sometimes we add and delete ads component and it dosnt deleted completed or any default sdk for commission system type, so you can select no and continue.

I see you asked the exact same question on the Thunkable Forum. Have you created apps with both builders? Please post links to your apps on the Play Store or wherever they can be downloaded from.

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Because i have apps any one aia from thunkable

If your apps are made using Thunkable why are you asking here?

I have two different apps one app i created from thunkable that’s why i ask there.

Is it’s dangerous, while app live on google play

So you have one app created using Thunkable, and a second app created using Kodular?

Can you post a link to your Kodular app?

no if your app is not serving ads then its not dangerous, but make sure your app dosnt serving any ads or you havent added admob or fb components.

Ok, my app don’t use any ads components or not serve any type of ads.

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Make sure your aia file doesn’t have any ad component or blocks. Please check it and remove if by mistake left any…and select no and continue. There is nothing dangerous in this. If there will be any danger…you’ll get notified or may receive a mail.

Btw…I watch your videos on YT.

Happy Koding…:relaxed:

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