Web component bug : JSON decode error

Describe your issue

I have checked many times the JSON obtained, it is perfectly valid, all strings are encoded, and all json decoders can read it.
I can send it privately if necessary.

But, for all users of the application, regardless of their device or version of android, this error appears

I’ve simply used the JSON Text Decode like this.

My only theory is that the component cannot decode the text when it becomes too long, because the json is perfectly correct.
It has image lines and image

I also noticed that numbers are sometimes stored like that. Could that cause the problem?

The only way to fix this is to remove the whole ranking, and start from scratch again, but the error will happen again within 1 or 2 weeks. There is no need to create a ranking if I have to do it again every 2 weeks.

Feel free to ask me if you need any additional information !

CAn you send me the JSON please. I will experiment with it later this morning.

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Done ! Also, JSONTools extension can parse this json without problem

I’ve finaly found the company that cause this bug, i’ve removed it from the database, and it works normally !

"Infinity" : {
    "Day" : "3",
    "Fans" : "0",
    "Money" : "4998500"

It’s very strange, there’s nothing wrong with this text!

Maybe the 0 make a problem.
Try to put in null/ zero or a other word.

I see in a lot of json answer instead of 0 zero/ null or so.

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There are many others with 0, they didn’t caused any problem !

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very strange

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Can you PM me the json? So that I can give a try.

Probably because Infinity is not a valid tag name.

Infinity, NaN, and undefined aren’t defined in JSON syntax.


"Infinity" as a String is valid as per the JSON grammar.

There must be some other reason.