Web Component works in live test but does not work after installed on the phone

Friends, I need help, because I did not find a similar question in the forum.
I have an app that calls the web component by accessing a url.
When I test in the online (live) environment, it works, that is, it calls the url, however, when I
install it on my cell phone and click on the same button that calls the same url, it doesn’t run.
Is there a time-out problem?

any video/ show blocks pls

follow blocks

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Thank you!

Is there any difference in the use of the web component in a test environment and a productive environment? It may need a delay to run in a productive environment. Has anyone experienced this problem?

I think No!

what exactly means “it does not run”?
what is the response oode and response content in the Web.GotText event?

response code is 400.

do you also plan to reveal the response content?

if you have checked the save file response in the designer section then instead of got text block of web component you should use got file block

You need to investigate why code 400. What is your PHP script returning? And why is that returning? What is using this 400 return from your script?

Yes, I can display by taking a hardcopy of the message from the screen. I ask you. Do you believe it could be the url string that is missing some encode?

Encode that is solved in the live test and is not solved in the productive environment?

In the test environment it works perfectly. Only when I install it on my phone does this Bad request 400 appear. The PHP routine is the same using both environments.

Soham, the message I get on the response content is bad request 400.

what exactly prevents you from reading the error message or providing it here in the community?
why do you want us to continue guessing?

Taifun, I apologize if you are giving the impression that I do not want to show. I’m actually changing the code to be able to show it in a “label” field on the screen for easy reading.