Bad request 400

Can anyone tell me why this error is coming. When ever i try to open this error comes. I am using Google Chrome , Puffin Browser and Brave but this error is coming .
Anyone have solution??

Working with me properly in google chrome.May be try only.Also try refreshing page.Clearing cache.Amd hard reloading.

Please show your blocks where you are opening this link.
In case you’ve used the “Web” component, then it’s okay to get this error, because the Web component is NOT using the default browser on your device.



I think he is trying using browser and not with web component:crazy_face:

This link is working solely when the user is already logged in via the SAME browser.

i clear caches and refresh the page also. But this error coming.

Please use to log in.

most of time these problems happens on client end , i think u need to clear the cache of the browser and try restart the phone or change the internet connection and try again checking it.

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