Web viewer does not go back

When anything is browsed in the web viewer then it follows link and does all job fine, but the problem arise when we try to go back, it does not go back to previous pages.

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Could you upload an image with your blocks to better understand


this is a sample aia with home set as google.com browse anything and try to go back. but it won’t.


The problem is simple. It should go back only if it can go back… In this situation it can’t go back because there wasn’t something before

Like that it worked but it went back just after pressing the button
I hope you understood

But, say if i search for something in google according to that web viewer will go to other link then in that case if i press back button then it should go back to google home page but it doesn’t.

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I tried myself and sometimes work and sometimes not but I’m not able to compile so should try to build the app