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I make a webviewer app so how i am make a user press back button to go to the back page of website and after another back press notifier will be open for close the app

Thank You

There are already some blocks available for this purpose:

Means i made app like amazon go to the offer and after view the product go to 1st page

Sorry, I’m unable to understand you.

Click this image means
1.st its a first page after a user click on the camera product
2nd. on the 2nd image the user will be check the product but he dont like so he want to go first page the offer page
3rd. but user click the back button for go to 1st page but notifier will be open for the exit

Pls help me @Shreyash @Peter @pavi2410

In this case, these blocks might be helpful.

How to I use this in my app

See the description of the blocks.

Can you give me a blocks how to use this please bro

Sorry, currently I can’t access my laptop but whenever I’ll get time I’ll show an example.

Okk but after you get time please send me bro

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I thought that title “webViewer Go Back” is a slogan just like “Simon Go Back” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Can you give me a blocks how to use this please bro

Here you go: Test.aia (3.1 MB)


Thank you bro its working

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