Webview Upload Problem not yet solved in 1.3B

Is webview’s upload problem solved in Draco 1.3B version?
if not than when will it get solved?
Please reply

EDIT: I just checked it and still webview can’t upload anything from any website… but at same time appybuilder’s webview can (if we check ignor SSL errors… Please tell me if there is already a solution or if a solution is on the way?
I searched about it in the community and there is older posts (older than 6 months) and yet not one is solving this problem (as i know)

EDIT2: Still not solved and not got a proper reply (as usual)
If anyone want to solve this problem than you have to switch to Appybuilder…
This problem is too damn miner that devlopers don’t think it’s worth solving…:expressionless:


Please solve this problem @Mika

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Did we say in the release notes that this is fixed? NO