Webviewer desktop problem

I’m set one screen WebViewer desktop view but my another screen also view desktop size… How to set only one screen web viwer is desktop view and another screen is view Mobile mode

Go to user blocks in another screen and get the desktop view and false the desktop view another turn off the desktop view from the you screen 2

I’m already try this method but not working

Add your meta tag in your html file check the meta tag it’s working 100% thank you :white_check_mark:

Demo.aia (26.2 KB)

My aia file check now

I have a study right now I solve your problem tommorow

I’m add meta tag in my html file but no view mobile mode

same problem its a big . so please help any body for mobile view. this problem create after makeroid changed in kodular.

Can you change your web viewer name to screen2. What I meant to say is don’t use same name for web viewer on both screen.

Pls try and let me know… I don’t have any system available right now to check so can’t try on my own. If it works then let me know…

I’m change my web viewer name but not view mobile mode…
This problem is not solve

kodular team please solve this problem

You already said that. Developers are aware. Be patient.

what u do for this problem because its not solve