WebViewer does not work

Why the webviewer showing this error message? I use the chartMaker extension to display the chart using webviewer…


The link you provided for their [ChartMakerPlusDemoV1.aia] could not run… got bug inside the app.

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Try this one :point_down:

ChartMakerPlusDemoV1.aia (45.6 KB)

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This .aia file works for me. Thank you!


But this time got another bug, after I export the screen ( [ChartMakerPlusDemoV1.ais]) and import it to another project screen. When I open that screen, it shows me the bug.

In order to import an ais with out errors you must first import aix file in project. Go to above link, download Kodular’s version extension, import to project and then import ais



Okey! It works ! Thank you !


I got this “Error 2101: The file //SAMPLEDATA.csv could not be found”, after I run the program.
Do you know how to solve this?

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Android version ?

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Yup, but never mind.
I know the reason already.

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When I exported ( [ChartMakerPlusDemoV1.ais]) file and import it to a new project screen. The chart won’t show anything. Do you know why?

ais files do not have assets, so you are missing sample.csv file. You have to import it

Jack_Pedometer.aia (1.4 MB)

I’ve imported those assets, but still cannot work…
I send my .aia file to you, the screen name is “Import592E24”.
Could you help me to check?

The aia available as a demo on the extension page will not work with Kodular.

You will need to build your own project.

That’s mean there is no way to create chart in Kodular?
I’ve tried a lot of chart extension in Kodular, but none of them works…

Use the extension to build your own project, it will work on Kodular.

Thank You ! :blush: