Webviewer Webpage for offline Reading & Auto Update after internet connects. What to do?

I want to store Webviewer Webpage for offline Reading & If internet connects then data wants to update automatically… What to do?

i want to solve this problem… please help me to solve this problem…
I’m making app & i want to store webviwer data for offline reading but i cant do this. so please give me any solution or extension for this

Hossein answered your question.

YOU can doit… and it is EASY…!

your answer is appcache and exists in HTML5


tell it to Hossein…

thanks sir, but how can i do this with app inventor blocks…

I already gave you the ingredients, you will have to investigate how to build the antidote.

you do not have to do anything in makeroid but on the WEB server, but read the documentation and try to implement it.