Website offline save

I make a app that is my blog convert into a app. Everything work well. Now i want to add offline save feature. How can i do that? I use web viewer component. User can save any page offline and access any time in offline. How to do that?

You can use custom webview extension by @vknow360


Yes @themaayur is right.
CustomWebView extension can save pages as archives which can be viewed later being offline.
Make sure you use the latest version.


Custom webviwe need android version 5+ :cry:

Is there other logic without custom webviwe?

You can download page as HTML file using Download component.

I was try it. It will download only html content but no image download.

That’s the issue.
But since you don’t want to use the extension so I suggested that.

Oke. Actually i have completed my app with web viewer. Now i have to rebuild everything with custom webviwe. Oke. Thank you.

One thing. How can i call them into app in list viewer?

You will have to use a file manager extension to list files.

Got it. Thank you.

again, i use custom webview for save offline but save as pdf. is the possible to save as html format?

Show your blocks.
It is possible to save website as mht file.