WebViewTools extension now is NOT working with webviewer

hi everyone,

I was using webviewtools extension to setzoomtext in a webviewer in my apps… and it was working great but now is not working with the webviewer … nothing changed in the application

I need to know if that an issue of compatibility of the webviewtools and webviewer component
or I am doing something wrong

and if there is any way to zoom the text in the webviewer in case that this method is failed

thanks in advance


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It looks like the Webviewer has a ZoomPercent Getter but no Setter:


Maybe Kodular can add a Setter for this?

This zoom percent is for the whole html file not for the text in it…

What I really need is zooming in and out the text in the html using a slider to change the text size not the whole html …

I really need a help in doing that

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Why don’t you try running Javascript in WebViewer?


Or maybe WebViewString (Although being honest I don’t know how to use the latter)