What does this error mean: "The blocks for screen ... did not load properly"?

Bro my project is in kodular…I make it by using kodular it my own project

as i posted above, send your aia to kodular team to examine .

To whom I will sent.

you didnt read that post? there is a link to give instruction

Ok bro I will try

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Wonder if that is still the issue since that thread was made a year and a half ago, probably a broken project of varying causes

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yes i think project maybe old and have anything in there which is removed or causing error,

Same error over here ! image

It’s good that you searched community before posting.
But you didn’t read above replies, that’s not good.
@ImranTariq has already answered in his above post. Please see that.

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Or you can simply share your aia file so someone can take a look att it

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3 days ago, I got the following error: image

So I sent a message to the Kodular staff, without any response (3 days ago). This can not be from the block “Wait x seconds” since I never put it.

Today, doing my research in the AIA file code, I did not find anything, I even looked in the Blockly file of the screen that was problematic. By looking in the section "image ", I came across this block, or we can not perform any action, except delete it.:

Out of curiosity, I downloaded the image of this block, hoping to find the name of this block, which worked (well almost): image
Here is the image in the file:
So I looked in the code “component_set_get” and got 89 results

And now, I’m… Blocked. Again.

Please someone help me, here is the screen file :
werewolf_acc_b.ais (83,1 Ko)

Thanks in advence.


If you can give me a clue what type of component should be here

Never mind i figured it out

You are missing an extension

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Hmmmm… I’m gonna try to re-put it.

I’ve deleted this extension few days ago, and when I deleted it, this error appers.

I would like to say a big thank you. That was the problem. Now, I have no more problems or bugs.

For everyone who has the same problem, put all the extensions that you deleted before !!

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You should have mentioned this in your first post


Yeah but I didin’t know this was from here.

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