What happens with this Store Value block?

I’m implementing a security mechanism to lock the app if necessary.
To do this, I compare values ​​from a database. If the database cannot be reached by deliberately going offline, this is noted in the TinyDB and means that a certain button is no longer displayed for a notifier. Can an empty text block be viewed as a separate value?

If I load these data from my TinyDB1,
is there a value " " or is value not there?

Yes, if you save an empty string into TinyDB the value is there. The Get Value block checks whether the tag exists and since you saved an empty string in it, it does and it holds an empty string. Test it out with the do it function. If you want to use it in your case you would need to use an if block that checks and compares the value.

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yes it can but better use a space or _

why is this better? If it works as Saezy also thinks, it is perfect. The button should disappear, so a underline is counterproductive.

I needed a confirmation and I thank you all. :kodular: