What if i delete rows in airtable will i can use that lifetime

As we all know that Airtable maximum 1200 records in free version.
But if i delete previous rows then can i use if free lifetime?

You should ask Airtable. The make the plans.

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i think yes… and if you want to get the pro version for free then just invite yourself with the invitation link untill you get enough refer amount to buy pro pack.

however you must have a CC with you even if you didn’t have to pay any amount from CC.

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Thats how you give answers… See @techcvr he gave answer… I know the question is not relate with Kodular but this community is for asking questions so that i asked. If you know you can reply…

i know everyone have questions and everyone wants a proper answer, but there is also a very important thing which i and everyone should do… that is respect, if you talk like this

then buddy its a big problem… For You.


Peter said what he did, to ensure that you get only the right information. Nobody is better at Airtable than Airtable themselves.


Then ok… Why kodular community is here then… Ask your questions from kodular creators…

Kodular Community is primarily for the friendliness and warmth signature to Kodular. As for questions, the Community is geared more towards general block programming help, guides, and help with Kodular Modules. A very niche question absolutely specific to a component relating to an external service, will best be answered at the dedicated forum. :slight_smile:


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