What is a beta koder and a pro koder?

Please tell about the beta koders :slightly_smiling_face:



A beta koder a kodular beta tester tester, which helps in testing kodular’s new features before releasing it to public , see also here how to become a beta tester :smile::


And @Mohamed_Tamer

Can you please tell what is prokoder

Prokoders are users who have great contribution to the community and have reached Trust Level 3 ( Regular) , you can check here If you are eligible for prokoder membership or not yet:

Prokoders have access to a private prokoders longue, the translations , the FAQs , and the education category, they have access to kodular’s beta and alpha server as well. Also as TL3 members they can edit other users topic title and category, mark their or other users questions as solution, make their own posts as a wiki and posts would be hidden automatically when they flag it.

Note: that reaching tl3 doesn’t mean that you would be automatically rewarded

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