Become a Kodular BetaKoder!

Hey there :wave:

A few days ago, we asked if you would like to become a Kodular tester. And, well, we were not expecting so many volunteers :sweat_smile:
So, it is the time to give more info about it! :raised_hands:

You have already seen some users displaying a @BetaKoders title. These users are early testers, which were nominated by some @ProKoders to become testers. Whops, I have already said a way to become a Kodular tester :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
But what about everyone else? Don’t worry, these are the only requirements to become a Beta Koder :arrow_heading_down:

  • Become Trust Level 2 in the community
  • Be invited by a ProKoder

Yep, just by meeting one of those requirements you can be a @BetaKoders with access to Kodular betaserver :tada:

:beginner: To apply, just head to this page and request joining the group.
NOTE: If you are accepted, you will have to accept a simple NDA between you and Kodular.


What are you waiting for? Would you like to get access to our beta server to test new features before anyone else?
Just apply to be part of @BetaKoders :wink:

Happy Koding!
:kodular: @Kodular Staff