What is AI algorithm

Hi guys!!! Please say me what is AI Algorithm??? What we can do by using it???

In machine learning, an Algorithm is a set of rules given to an AI program to help it learn on its own. … In machine learning, an algorithm is a set of rules or instructions given to an AI program, neural network, or other machine to help it learn on its own.

It seems you are new to block builders in general. Maybe first get some basic knowledge.


These are for the mother of Kodular called App Inventor but you can use it here to.



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What we can do by using this in our APP

Have you ever used YouTube,
Whenever you open YouTube homepage always suggest you new videos.
That to of your interest.

AI automatically learn what you like to watch on YouTube, and suggest that video to you.

This was a Very Small Example.

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Can we use that in our APP

can we use that in our APP

The AI Algorithm Is Made For Self Learning System It’s Need Python And Other Programming Language That Made For AI Algorithm.

But You Can Use It In Kodular Also You Need Some Functions That Can Learn Himself.

Example 1 Youtube Used An AI That Suggest The Videos That User Want If You Are Making An App That Play Videos So Your Logic Will Be To Detect User’s Search Query And Save It Into Database And Show All Videos According User’s Query In Suggestion Tab

Example 2 You Can Also Make An App That Control A Machine (Arduino Ect.) And Your Logic Will Be When Someone Say Turn On Light Speech Recognizer Recognize The Text And Your Loginc Will Be If Contain Text Turn On Light Or Turn The Light On or Light And On Then It’s On The Light

Example 3 You Can Make A Virtual Assistant Like Google Assistant And You Can Make It Self Learner According To User’s Query Means If User Say I Want To Go Home Speech Recognizer Recognize The Text And Show The Way Of Home That Use’s Set

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AI algorithms usually involve machine learning, and if you want to learn more about that, I hope you like linear algebra. :wink:

I’ll try to explain without getting too complex. Machine learning is when an algorithm isn’t pre-programmed to do something, but is instead trained using inputs and outputs in the form of numbers. Since pretty much anything in computer science can be converted into numbers and lists of numbers, this works well. Tools like TensorFlow make this process a bit easier, but you still need to know some ML terminology and math to use it.

However, there are many good ways to almost completely abstract this away and to make things like AI chatbots. One example of that would be Dialogflow.

But I actually recommend that you learn some programming, brush up on some math, and dive deep into machine learning. It’s a fascinating concept, and once you learn it (no pun intended), you can do amazing things with it.

Your first step could be right here, getting to know block-based programming with Kodular. Then, you can try out text-based programming (same concepts, different visualization). If you’re looking to learn about ML, try learning the Python programming language. After that, you can start researching about the concepts of ML, and eventually do it yourself.

Remember that the road to learning machine learning (okay fine, pun intended) without prior coding experience is long and hard, and there will be many failures along the way. But if you keep going, you’ll eventually reach your goal. Just be patient with yourself.

Best of luck on your programming journey!