What is CardView really used for?

I have tried to understand what this component is for in Kodular, but I do not know if it is better than the extension of the same name …

CardView by Kodular

CardView by developer

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You should do a simple google search…
Almost every app by google and else use cards…


So Kodular’s CardView is nothing more than a floating element?

Edit: They could solve the problems with the CardView extension, I can not visualize the icons in companion

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CardViews are one of important component in Android. It has shadows, corner radius and makes your app minimal. Also you can use CardView as button, (Add components, then set “Full Clickable” to true) But you can’t do that in classic arrangement.

Looks like you need learn more things about Android components and Material Design.

Some AI2 distros. doesn’t have CardView component, so CardView extension is for that.

We dont solve any problems for any extension.
Thats the developers job of the extension and not our…

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I should call it another way, like Material Design, not CardView

Material design is a category not a component. It may contain a text box or a card view. It all depends on the resources we get from material design libraries. The cardview components which you have mentioned above are totally different from each other, the card view from kodular is used to make minimal design, you cannot make a dynamic card view application using this component if you want to make a dynamic card view component like a wallpaper app then you have to use the card view extension, for example check the image below to know how what is the difference between kodular cardview and cardview extension.

For example,
With kodular card view you can make a design like the image below

With cardview extension you can make a list of dynamic wallpapers like the image given below

I hope this will clear your doubts about card view components