What is difference between earning app and rewards app?

Kodular allow rewards app? Please tell me do and don’t.

I know kodular don’t allow earning apps but can use enhance.co ads to make earning app?

that’s depend on how you giving reward to the users. If you monitize with pollfish then it’s ok

enhance ad didnot give you proper amount

I can’t understand please give me example

According to me,
It don’t matter what you are using for showing ad in your apps.
Kodular doesn’t allow earning apps. It means you can’t make earning apps.

It doesn’t relate to the topic.

I’m making clash of clans gem app that give users gems so users can reedem gems to coc game

how they will earn gems from your app?

Watching video ads

then you can

but that illigeal. because of admob ad doesn’t giving ad to watch & earn money

Please can u give me some idea

Please give me some idea how I can set to users earn gem?

with admob ad ,facebook ad will be illigeal for it according to my opinion. you can use any reward system like pollfish or others like that who gives reveniew on compleating tasks

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Can I use unity ads?

Can I set in my app clock every 2min interstitial ad load?

two questions answer is no

Why? please explain me please.

So what adnetwork can I use to watch video rewards

Can I add my rewards app daily check in users can watch video ad to get rewards in daily check in

Why don’t you focus on making a useful app that people really want instead of looking for a shortcut to making money? A truly high quality app will probably make you far more money than in the long run than the kind you are trying to make.

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