What is the max size for lottie json?

Does anyone know what the maximum lottie Jason is? I mean, when I put lottie Jason in the application, its size exceeds 5 mo or even equal to 5 mo or less until 2 mo or 1.5 mo, it crashes and the application exits permanently Is this error from the lottie or another error in the application

I don’t think that the problem is with Lottie because lotties are basically moving svg files… And they can be scaled at whatever size you want. I think it is happening due to some other problems or bugs within kodular.

ok thanks can you give me a way to reduce the lottie json file size

because lottie floats on a float component and so lottier works when the component is float (application is partly off) I run it on a timer.
Do you think this is the problem?

I don’t think the issue is happening because of Lottie file’s size as lotties have really small size…

Did not you enabled “timer always fire”? if yes it might be a problem.

The timer always works as a lottie, its size is 5 mo so, because it is artificially created by a site where I convert a video into a lottie

If its more than 5 MBs it might be a problem. You can replace the lottie file with a valid lottie file from lottiefiles.com to be sure that your file is causing the problem.

It is likely an issue with our code. We will try out a fix

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