What is this component and how to use it?

hello guys i want to know about a component


what is this for and how to use this component

and if there’s any Page from where one can know about any component in kodular than also share the link

It is a block to do multiple task, like adding 5 items to the list on a time.

ok and what more ?

and how to arange block to ad items in list

It’s just a loop.

It does whatever you have in the “do” part of the block as many times as you specify.
from = number it starts at
to = number it stops at
by = number it counts by

In the picture you provided(from 1 - to 5 - by 1) it will “do” whatever 5 times

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Also, you can use the number local variable in the do section, like for numbering something.

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