What it's wrong with my app?

Hello please can u help me , wen i download my app its showing good in my computer its showing very good but wen i tell my friend to install it its showing very bad :frowning: do u know how to fix it ? :frowning:

Tell your app to stand in the naughty corner for half an hour and consider its actions and consequences. Only let it out of the naughty corner when it agrees to be


Please tell us which part is showing bad. So we can understand your problem.

Maybe you did not set “responsive”.

Do you want to show some screenshots of your app with YOUR phone and then with your FRIENDS phone?

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Who its the best ? / and i have app with responsive,

This is just for how you want your app to be orientated. Do you want users to only use it portrait, then choose portrait.

idk who its the best bcs i want to show good in all devices

Read here

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