Whats wrong? Texting component make error in export AIA to APK

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Sheriff tablet

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Internal app for security



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Dear friends,
i have app in AIA and this i try export as APK. But every time with the same AIA file (without edit) i get file with different size and this file APK not work, after start crash.
When i remove component Texting , then i dont have problem with right export APK, app working without any Texting service.
Sometime, maybe every 50 export i get working file with Texting, but many times before success is different size when AIA is exported…

How are you exporting it ? Using kodular ?

sure, kodular.

Is this a very large project with a lot of screens, components, assets?

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Hi Taifun, i have this same problem with smaller app, one screen. How is max size for right export? My problem is solved, when remove Texting component, when add this back, i have problem…

post a screenshot of the unchive result


Ok… well… a screenshot of the summary screen would help more. …


For the texting component there is @Boban 's solution…

PS: sorry I currently can’t find the thread…

Sorry, i make this first time :slight_smile:

found it…
try this extension instead


Maybe can help: this problem with Texting component started after kodular fenix update. Before this date i not have any problem with export file without problem. After update fenix, not possible succes in export with the same file. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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BAtexting v2 not working incomming procedure. Only send messages.


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Thank you for your post! Maybe now will kodular make any update for continue used this creator, because without texting not normal work here. Im Premium user as you, now i will pay again for membership, but i dont know why… Now i move to AI2OFFLINE and work here. Here work all without problems:-) But without kodular finnes :frowning: Happy New Year, Tony_Lange :slight_smile: