When i got cell from airtable i want length of the list and show as a list


i want to show got cell value show as a list and also i can find lenght of the list of got cell. Please help

Use split text at spaces + get values

This will give values as list and you can use select list item list to get desired values

Please read




Thankyou for replies, with your help first problem is solved now second question is :-

How i remove any user from Got cell list. For example When button1 click, get cell, after get cell, selected user1 or user2 or any user name removed from the got cell value and again replace the airtable cell with the help of set cell.

  1. Get the names, make into list, select the particular name, and remove such name from the list using remove item from the list. Now your list contain selected name removed. Now set the cell value with this new list

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