When other player started block for Exo player

Iam using ‘Exoplayer’ component for my online radio application. It works well, but when a call arrives or any other app starts to play audio , the radio app does’nt stop playing. In player it could be avoided by using ‘when other player starts’ block. But it is not found in Exo player. How can i solve this. please help

I’m quite confused, the puntuation and the spelling aren’t really good and I’m not understanding, you should try to be a bit more clear or add a version in your language

Está querendo dizer que quando ele recebe uma chamada, o componente “ExoPlayer” continua reproduzindo, ele quer saber se não existe uma forma de fazer a reprodução parar quando outro áudio estiver sendo reproduzido.

Eu acho que é isso.

I want to stop/pause the player whenever a call received in phone or other audio player starts.

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I added this “OtherPlayerStarted” event to the exoplayer.
With this event you can pause or stop or do whatever you want when a other stream starts.


Where is that? I am not getting the same in the blocks

You have to wait for the next release.


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