When using List View Image And Text with TINYDB I get the error: Undefined

Am I doing something wrong? It does not show the list either, I made a topic similar to this some time ago and then I made the changes suggested to me by @vknow360 thank you very much for it, but now I face this problem, I am still learning and This of the lists with images and canvas are not my strength.

My blocks

The Error:

The error is when you press the copy button only?
If you press copy button 1 without having pressed the other button, the lists are empty…
Try to put the values of the tinyDB in a label to know what values you get

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If before pressing the button_copy press the original Button1

That’s all the blocks?

Because I think those blocks alone don’t give that error…

@pepocero Yes, in the image I show all the blocks.

Hi @losasencio
I think the problem is because of adding list in for each number loop.
It should be outside of loop in local variable.

The truth I still do not understand why it did not work, but I managed to find another way to make it work as I wanted, I leave my blocks in case someone has this problem, thanks for the help.
@pepocero @vknow360