When will this update arrive in India or Bangladesh region?

How long it take to arrive in India or Bangladesh region? We need to publish our app on play store. But sdk verion is not updated yet.

It was released for everyone 4 days ago :slight_smile:

In india server it show minimum sdk version api 29.
It’s not show sdk version 30

But In india we are not able to publish app on play store without sdk version 30. It is not working

Don’t get confused with minimum SDK and targeting SDK

See android version still 10, we need to update android 11 and sdk 30. And when this update change sdk in india?

From there as I already told you you set minimum SDK which is the minimum android version your phone must have in order to run your app. If you set it to android 10 I can not install it in my phone cause I have android 9. It will run in only in phones with android 10 +