Where is the project bucket in Firebase Storage

I recently read in a post here in the community how the storage of audio, video and documents through the web component is done: “METRIC RAT AI2 - Firebase Demo: No Security with Web Component”. According to what was written in it, to download the image or document, just type the url and the Token. I also saw that to download the Token I could create a list and then get the value.

Follow my reasoning.

Firebase Storage:

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I used the web component to assemble the list to get the values. I left it blank because I don’t know what would be the url, bucket, owner and token. I want that when I type the name of the owner is compared with the name that was stored (folder) and it brings up the document I want.

Maybe help You :

Rogerio I know how to do this. My problem is that the only way I learned here in the community to store a pdf file on Firebase Storage that is on my cell phone using Activity Starter and Web.
What I want now is to do the opposite, open this file that is in storage and send it to mobile.
I’m developing a service delivery app in which my client needs to have access to the professional’s background. In the registration of this professional, he can enter the Civil Police website and download the file and store it in storage.
In the case of the client, when he makes an appointment regarding that professional, he will have access to this information.

Firebase Storage Donwload Block ?

Must have a professional name associated with the downloaded file.

Does the police registry provide an API to download the files?

The Api’s for consultation of the civil and federal police, etc. are paid here in Brazil. If you know any other than that I would be grateful if you would nominate me.
I downloaded the file and it comes with the name plcDown.pdf.
Storing an image to Firebase Storage and then viewing it is easy. Now as I do I use the Firebase storage Download File from the stored pdf file and display it to the client. I don’t even know where to start. Could you help me with the blocks?

You may want to read my guide again on how to upload and download/view a file with Firebase Storage

Guys I found the solution through another post here in the community which is to use the FileTools extension to get the url value and save it in the database. Thanks everyone for helping me.

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