Which is the best database for 5000 Daily Active Users

@Hadi_Editz Thanks for suggesting contabo, I am going for its 16 gb ram plan

Good Currently I’m also using 30GB Ram but may b i downgrade it to 8gb because I think 8gb is enough for me now.

Link isn’t working.

Just unpublished the app, I started working on mysql

Your app link not opening please give one new

@Hadi_Editz I need help setting up mysql in contabo.

You need to create custom api in nodejs or php.
And for fast data supply use Redis to cache common and most used data to serve this fast.

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Hey @ShaikhSajidAli I am using deephost Mysql extension, A php file is provided by him so I just need help with contabo, Where can i upload that file on contabo

Did you buy Cpanel/WHM with your VPS?

No, Can I buy it now?

On publichtml folder on your web storage.
Don’t use deephost extension, he didn’t give any support and make a php file that run queries not from app side to prevent hacking

Not needed we can access vps by putty software and as a root user

Can you please setup mysql for me, I am a noob at these things.

Suggestion:- before doing anything know about that product

@Hadi_Editz Please help me with contabo , I will be very thankful

Ya i know but i didn’t understand the lengthy processes thats why i also purchased Cpanel with VPS.

Sure DM me

I will suggest, don’t just go ahead and buy everything. First understand what all pieces you will need to make it happen then evaluate the learning curve and then proceed as you are comfortable.

Here are the things you will need:

  1. You will need a hosting provider where your database will be hosted
  2. You will need to create a database, this can be a little tricky task as compared to Firebase because in firebase everything is key-value pair but in mysql we will be having tables and columns and rows. It’s not difficult but just different.
  3. Also you will need the php code to interact between your app and the database hosted on server.
  4. PHP code also need to be hosted on your hosting server.