Why coming this error when i m adding at least 4000 words in google sheet please help

hello friens please help me i want to load at least 4000 words from google sheet but its coming error if i m adding 300+words then no error coming please help

The error came from your block to select item in list, not from google sheets.
Post your block

then why not coming error when load less word like 200 ,300 etc?

hello friends please help list from csv table text not working when i m calling 4000 words from google sheet .if i m calling 1000 words its working good please help me

If Possible just add your demo aia here. We have plenty of people’s to give suggestion. No need to expect answer from particular member . I have some personal work now

How many characters are those 4000 words ? Maybe there is an issue due to the amount of characters

Try to do Reposition
The Article Column Is In B and after that is Thumb
So Put the articles columns after the Thumb

Means Like This
Title == Column A
Thumb == Column B
Articles == Column C
Just Put Articles Column after thumb

Just Try This And Check the App Again :+1: :+1:

please check this aia

testgooglesheet.aia (2.1 KB)

but its working when i m removing list from csv table text but when i m adding list from csv table text then not workinhg please help me

please check aia

Have you tried ? My Method i said

not working please check my aia

It Working For Me you are doing in wrong way

have u checked my aia

Try like this

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/<spreadsheet ID>/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet=Sheet1

Checkout this too


give me aia please

Try this:

should return the article text

It seems that the content of the cell is too much for csv to table convertor, you may have to carry out text manipulation to handle your responseContent successfully.

thank u very much u made my day

how do that please tell

I presume you intend to have many articles in your google sheet ?

yes please help there will be list of articles