Why keep paying for Kodular?

I don’t understand why Kodular sends an update as some components are still out of date. Abud! Pay billing is in version 4.1.0 and is obsolete. Worst of all, the team doesn’t send any explanation notes! Thinking about migrating if there are no new decent updates.

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The platform is outdated, unfortunately there is a lack of communication from the team. Abandoned social networks! It may seem rude, but the fees you pay should cover the updates. Formatting the questions will not change at all.

I completely Agree with you On the point. I am too Very much Irritated from Kodular’s Service. But the Problem is they lack team. This is because kodular was never a company. It has gained popularity now which is why the staff is underpaid and overworked. They actually did not take up kodular as a job when they created it. They put kodular as a Part time Job. Now, the staff Is working in their Respective jobs and thus have very little time to give to Kodular.

People might suggest that they can quit the job.
Answer: If you all Just Yell at kodular and start migrating they won’t find any motivation to leave their jobs. They will have huge risks. Because if they quit and work on kodular and release updates 10-20% people will be gone, which is worthless

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It makes sense, but there is a lack of communication on their part.

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