Why list is empty?

Hi Dears.
i have a problem with lists. as you can see i write some codes for reading from DATABASE, it works well another where at this app. but as i will show list item missing below Card_V_mosh1 and appear error for empty list indexing but below Got Text i have elements. listview1 complete listview2 empty.
i check with another WEB component but not solved…

what’s the problem

blocks (1) blocks (2)

Try moving all the blocks in the Card_V_mosh1 event that come after WebReading2 call into the Webreading2.Got Text event to after where you set listview elements

thanks a lot.
i need Got Text in some points, but i solved problem, i added an if under WebReading2 in Card_V_mosh1 as below. now i have my lists again.

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