Problem with refreshing List View

I have a problem with the following code, when I click on the “Button1” button it should refresh the “List_View_Image_and_Text1” deleting and rewriting all the elements of the list that it would get back from the web, but it doesn’t, I can’t understand why, if instead I swipe-up then the update is carried out, if I try to set the “Refreshing” parameter to true of “Swipe_Refresh_Layout1” inside the “When” block, nothing changes, on the contrary the rotating circle remains and it no longer goes away and the list is not updated and the application remains like this and you can no longer do anything in that case, how can I solve the problem, both in one and in the other case

Everything Ok only it seems but the problem is, If you call Web1 to get text already you have added items into the global variable so they may not work properly. To over come your issue, just set all global variable to create an empty list in a procedure and add the procedure into when screen refresh called… You must set all global variable which are used in both the web url

I have never used procedures, could you publish me a piece of Blocks from which I can take inspiration? also I did not understand a particular, if I use 2 web components shouldn’t they get two different answers on two different Response Content?

showing you the sample, just interpret the data
(Reset is the procedure)

also can try like this too (Try to find the diff :wink: :wink: :wink:)