Need Help. Want to refresh listview item instead of add on or repeating

Hello, good day to you all.
I have searched through the forums but seems cannot find the exact solution to my current apps development.
By referring below, I’m using these blocks for retrieving data from Google Sheet columns, via Web component by input the Google Sheet’s link.
Kindly point out if my blocks below have any mistakes. :pray:

But when I press the button yes it can display the required columns into ListView, but when I press again for second time it will repeat the same data again.
May I know which blocks I can use for when press the Get Data button for second time it will auto refresh the data in the ListView without keep on adding the new data plus the previous data. (like the picture below)
Hope my explanations above won’t be that confusing, and sorry if I did.
Thank you very much.

When the button click, just do like this

  1. Call listview clear list
  2. Set global all data to create empty list
  3. Call spreadsheet.get

@Still-learning your solution worked! :clap: :+1:
At the same time when I tryied out in testing mode, the system show up an error like below. Should we worry about this? :thinking:


just add the set global all_data to create empty list at very first… no more blocks are need

hi @Still-learning ,

I have followed your latest workaround but the ListView still showing repeating items when press the button for second time.

But if try your first workaround it don’t have repeating items anymore but cannot display the latest list (if i have added additional input).

The reason is, you are having one more global data, that also must be set to create empty list.

set global date to create empty list into the procedure block (move to first place)

@Still-learning , and this time really works!
Really appreciate for your time and effort to guide me in solving this puzzle.
You’re the man! Thank you so much! :clap: :+1: :pray:

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