Google Spreadsheet - Data Update - Return Without Reboot App

Hello everyone
I need a tip from you guys…please.

When updating data in a Google spreadsheet, I want this value to be returned in my list_view_image as soon as the data changes. But what’s happening is I need to restart the app for the data to show up in my list.

Remembering that the app is correctly updating my data in the spreadsheet. I would just like this update to appear immediately in my list_view_image

This block is the refresh button.


Can I see screen initialized block


I am not able to understand what is happening.

There are 2 cases

If Once app reopens the data is updated then it means there is something in this initialize block updating the data and it is missing Spreadsheet column updated block.


The spreadsheet update block is not working

To Know which case. examine the update block. Update the data and one spreadsheet updated event fires set any label text to xyz, then you will know which case it is

This is not a big issue, may i?

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will be welcome

Just try this methodology.

Create a procedure , in that add

  1. Web url
  2. Web.get
  3. List view elements to create empty list

Add this procedure in screen initialise as well as in when spreadsheet get updated

So it will solve your problem i hope.

Just try and let me know. Still problems persists just tell us, we will suggest you

So after column updation you no need to reopen the app

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Thank you for the tips. I will try here

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Is this like what you are expecting?


Exactly :smiley: :blush:

Thanks for solving my problem… Now it works exactly as I want…

Below are the blocks that solved the problem



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