List items repeating

I am getting a problem with ‘Listview with Text and Image’ component…

First of all I am receiving data from spreadsheet to variable…

Then Variable data is sent to ‘Listview with Text and Image’

Everything was fine but when I scroll down the list view, the items starts repeating

Blocks are perfectly right…

Please Show blocks

Hey there,
This is Kshitij. I guess when the app is trying to load the new data it is not clearing previously loaded data. You can set a clear list command and then load data from airtable. Try it…


Yes @Kshitij Firstly Set All Variables Is Empty list then load data

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Hi …

glad to see Your quick support

but I wanna tell you that I have initialized the variables as ‘Create emplty List’ and then airtable coloumn data is transferred to The variable(s)…From variables to listview

Can you show your blocks.

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Please show your blocks

Suppose you Have 30 Items in your list. And You want to load The 10 Items on Scroll down.
And you already loaded 10 items on screen Intialize.Now, you want to load items from 11-20.
Then you need use this block like this.

blocks (69)

If you need more explanation then show your blocks.

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Clear your list view everytime, before you set new data to it. Using “remove item from list” in a loop. That might solve the problem.

At the time I can’t share blocks

. because I would have to turn on my pc…

But can @mjssakuruppampady you send me blocks pic…It feels this should be working

It’s best to show what you have done even if it means turning on your PC. Otherwise people might think you haven’t done anything at all and just want someone else to do the work for you. This is just a tip, not a criticism.

@Swayam, this tip is true​:point_up_2:

BTW, here’s what I meant.Screenshot_20200928-011042~2
After this block you may “add items to the list”, which you use for the ListView component.

Check loops block…when a new item add in list loop restarting again from starting point…

I am sharing Blocks …

1.) I am initializing 3 variables as empty list


blocks (1)

blocks (2)

2.) Then i am getting columns of spreadsheet

blocks (3)

blocks (4)

blocks (5)

3.) Now finally I am storing the column values into variable and then adding items to list



The items are bieng repeated for 13 times (means spreadsheet column has 11 values but its showing 143 values…also I am thinking to add clear list block above to add items …will it work?

Add clear list block, before your for each number loop.becuase i think your are calling this many times.So your old values won’t be overwritten, you need to clear it your self :wink:

Do I need to put clear list block within ‘For each number’ block and before ‘add items to list block’?

no before for each number block

its better if you tell how many times you invoke the “Spreadsheet.Get Column” method.

Still the same Issue

May be there’s some kind of loop within 'For Each Number Block’

Where have you add it :thinking: Also do you get columns from spreadsheets3 multiple times ?