List View Gets data from airtable problem

I cant able to gets data from airtable more then 100 data with List View

How Can I solve it ?


show your blocks,

so if i am right your problem is - if get start value returns value 100 or more then it won’t show the results.?

i have records more then 100 lists in airtable after picking of 100 lists its works but not working more then 100 lists

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dude… i dont understand your problem properly, explain in details with steps, so i can understand and give you solution if possible.

and you didnt post image of your full blocks. if you dont explain your problem in details then no one can help you, we dont have that much time to chat, so try to explain as more as possible.

Airtavle have restrictions for one time querry is 100 rows and 9 columns

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yes, now i have tested it and its confirmed that records more than 100 don’t load.

wait, i will try something else. lets see if it works or not

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you can do two querrys one by one and store in global variable as sum of 100 rows or just mixed it

I’m not sure if the problem is from airtable side or blocks side but if you elaborate about what you exactly trying to do then we can somehow help you

he wants to show 100+ data in a list view from airtable.

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Did you try using columns method…
It was working for me… I’ve shown about 150 items from airtable

Try using get cell method because the get row method doesn’t return the value in order…

please mention me block screenshot how can i do it using column method.

Hello there, :wave:
I think this should work with Get_Cell and Get_Column :

Steps :

  • Take 5 spreadsheet components, add the same base id & api key & table name in all 5 components. All 5 will call the same spreadsheet.
  • On the blocks, rename the Column name with your Respective Column names. :slightly_smiling_face: Ex. : Spreadsheet2 has the name of “Column2” & Spreadsheet3 has the name of Column 3 & same for Spreadsheets 1, 4 & 5.
  • Done!

I think this should work… Or there must be a better way to do this… :smile:

Thanks! :wink:


Bit lengthy process… BTW an idea

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