Problem With airtable

hello everyone

i was trying to get column data from airtable. see below block
i also checked response code it was 200 which means data retrived successfully. but when i set the value to label it doesn’t change the values of label all the labels are blank. i don’t know where i am going wrong pls help me!!

try removing these all if then except any one and then check or it may be possible that none of the condition is fulfilled which you set in if then block

no bro it’s still not working. but i tried to get row ids and this is what i got
(recTvGpKy53fM0cjV recaxXtZ8F0tkyUuu recS8t6zuboi0eyoh recUM5qWkERRIeItW recBdJGoVq5pg0xSq)

there are five rows in my airtable spredaheet. i also tried this value in equal block but it didn’t work.

well row ids is a list than you cannot compare list with a number and same apply to values you can use for each item in the list block to do that

bro i already tried what you are trying to say but it just doesn’t work.

I am saying that you cannot use that logic(eqaul to),
For example
Consider a list named A containing:

And now you compare list with number , which mean you set:
A = 1
But how can Apple, Banana, mango, grapes can be eqaul to 1

so what logic should i use can you tell me. Btw i tried this logic by changing the row ids to the value i got.a

getvalues and getrowids return a list of values , not a single text , use select item in list index block.

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thanks bro it worked. i thought it retrives value as single text. thanks for the information,

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