Why this error come?

i use only 1 image, size is 1 mb and other all images are on cloudinary server.

Here is your answer.

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size is too big thats why sir ?

Much to big.

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And you don’t have to call me sir :sunglasses:

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Now i remove 1mb image from assets and add solid color but still show this error after 1 minute use app .

sometimes show this error sometimes not show .

Something is to big in your app or you don’t switch screens the right way.


İ think you have not used correct blocks for swhitching screens. You must close screen while navigate to other screen

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Do you using List view component???

i use simple blocks to change screen image

yes i use list view , list view image and text component.



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Try this method
Keep on

  1. AsyncImageLoad

  2. cache image and

i use kodular list view component.

and sometimes this error show sometimes not i am also confused . i think i must remove retry option thats the reason maybe.