Why this is not working?

Hello Everyone, I’m koding a bookmark app. Desktop mode is not working for some website like Instagram (for others its working fine). I tried to change user-string, changed the resolution of my emulator but still the same. when i checked the console message it gave me this error ‘uncaught error…’----Is this kodular bug or ?? Please Help

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No, this is JavaScript error from the website.


I think Kodular webview dont support ES6 javascript… I’ve have tested Es6 js in their webview but gives the same error…So I think its kodular problem…what do you think so?

We don’t write WebView. It’s provided by the Android system.


Okay… I didn’t know that …
Why it doesn’t support ES6 javascript?

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It does support ES6 but the error says that the code is running in strict mode. So it has nothing to with Kodular and Android, but the webpage itself.

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